At Albany Leadership, we hold an intentional focus on supporting our student learning through traditional academics as well as through experiential learning opportunities. One such way that we provide our students with experiential learning opportunities is through our work-based learning program. This year, we are excited to partner with Mission Accomplished through their Social Entrepreneurship Program. Through this program, our students will have the opportunity to apply economic concepts to business, communications, and marketing strategies through a social justice lens, and strengthen their knowledge of business practices that can unify the community.

We would like to introduce this years’ intern cohort Rebecca, Zoe, and Sabaa.

Rebecca is a 12th-grade student at ALH. She enjoys playing sports outside of school and plans to attend college after her high school graduation. She is excited to be joining the Mission Accomplished Social Entrepreneurship Program.

“I am excited to learn about marketing and networking. I know this internship will help me to understand my professional strengths and weaknesses and I plan to leave this internship having done my best and with a deeper sense of self”.

Zoe is a 12th-grade student with ALH, who enjoys drawing and visual arts outside of school. She plans to attend college after her high school graduation and is looking forward to working with Mission Accomplished to bring her talents to the project.

“I am looking forward to building on my professional skills during this internship and hopefully bring my talents to our work”.

Sabaa is a 12th-grade student who enjoys listening to music outside of school. She is excited to participate in the internship in order to gain more professional knowledge and skills while working to support the Capital Region in a new way.

“I am looking forward to this internship to expand my knowledge while also helping the community.”

We will continue to follow the progress of these students during their internship experience, so stay tuned!

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