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Albany Leadership Charter High School for Girls (ALH) was the first all-girls, public, charter high school in the city of Albany. Led by a dynamic team of leaders, ALH strives to be the premier college preparatory high school for young women in the Capital District. The school opened its doors in September 2010 to approximately 150 ninth and tenth grade scholars. Now, we are fully enrolled in grades 9 through 12.

Albany Leadership Charter High School for Girls (ALH) possesses strategic design elements intended to result in greater student achievement and college and career readiness. These elements include: single gender education, extended day and school year, college preparatory programming, a robust college in the high school program, character education, service learning, and AVID.

ALH prides itself on being the first and only public, charter, female-only high school in New York State, and it considers this one of its primary distinctive qualities. According to the National Association for Single Sex Public Education (NASSPE), there are three major advantages for girls who are educated in a single gender school. These include expanded educational opportunity, custom-tailored learning and instruction and the exercising of greater autonomy. ALH seeks to maximize these benefits for our students in every aspect of our school in order to ensure that we cultivate great scholars and true leaders.

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