Welcome to the Office of Curriculum and Instruction

At ALCS our priority is to support our educators in ensuring that our students are engaged in meaningful and challenging learning experiences in 6th through 12th grade while aligning to the NY State Learning Standards. Effective teaching depends on challenging curriculum, data-driven instruction, and assessment.

At ALCS our curriculum is designed to meet the needs of every student through differentiated instructional strategies. Through a variety of instructional approaches, ALH addresses differences in students’ prior knowledge, personal interests and relative strengths and weaknesses in various subjects, to provide special education and academic support services and best practices in pedagogy. We also provide targeted instructional support in key skill areas, such as the Math and Writing Foundation classes.

New York State requires that we formally assess our students in Regents examinations the High School. Additionally, we administer assessments to secure information about student progress, as well as to provide direction for instruction. Advanced Placement tests are taken by students who participate in AP courses, and most students take either the SAT or ACT (or both) as part of the college application process. In addition to these assessments, we also assess student progress regularly as part of routine instructional practices.

We are committed to continually developing our practice to best reach and successfully teach every student. You are invited to participate in your child’s education; to get involved in our school programs and to continue to support learning at home.

Crystal Martin
Director of Curriculum & Instruction
Albany Leadership Charter School for Girls



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