The ‘I Can Achieve a Degree in Nursing’ program (ICAN) at Albany Leadership & Russell Sage will create a collaborative community mentorship model for our scholars to achieve a bachelor’s degree in nursing and employment as a registered nurse.


What will the ICAN Program at ALCS Do?

Russell Sage will work with Albany Medical Center, the Black Nurses Coalition and Albany Leadership Charter School for Girls. This program will recruit and support students through high school partnerships; match high school students with professional nursing mentors from diverse backgrounds; provide academic support to guide students through high school and a nursing degree; motivate and guide our scholars into professional nursing careers; and create meaningful employment and professional experiences in diverse health care settings for our scholars beyond graduation. 

Who Can Participate In This Program?

Any student grade 9-12 can participate in this incredible program. The ICAN program will be a mentorship style commitment for our students. This means this will be after school and it’s minimal time commitment. Our scholars will receive one on one training and advice from some of the top medical professionals in the capital region. Once the mentorship program is completed this year, our scholars will have the connections they built throughout the school year to help them in the future when they start their career journey. 

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