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Mission & Vision


The mission of Albany Leadership Charter School for Girls is to prepare young women to graduate from high school with the academic and leadership skills necessary to succeed in college and the career of their choosing.


College Readiness




Resolve and Resiliency


Albany Leadership Charter School for Girls will be a recognized leader in single-sex secondary education for young women. It will foster a community of scholars dedicated to life-long learning and committed to improving their communities through their pursuit of post-secondary endeavors.

All Girls

There are three major advantages for girls who are educated in a single gender school, include: expanded educational opportunity, custom-tailored learning and instruction, and greater autonomy of thought and expression. Single gender schools help to foster an environment where their students think for themselves and take control of their own lives. By eliminating false gender stereotypes, all female schools can liberate and empower their girls to explore various subjects and pursue excellence in all disciplines. It is for these reasons that ALCS believes that the opportunity to experience a single-gender education, should be one that is offered freely to any and all girls who would choose it.

Commitment to Excellence

ALCS is a family with the highest of expectations for our daughters, particularly in regards to academic achievement. Our goal is to position our girls so that their senior year can be focused on successfully transitioning to their post-secondary pursuits. If we set the standard, our daughters will rise to the challenge. We emphasize the importance of leadership through scholarship and service. “One leader changes everything” is not just a slogan students hear; it is a belief they are taught to manifest.

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