Last week, Albany Leadership had the opportunity to welcome Marquia Farmer to come and speak to our students during their social/emotional learning period about her experiences, education, and journey to success. Ms. Farmer is an educator by day and social media marketer by night. She currently works as an after-school program director. In the past, she worked in college admissions and college counseling and has a passion for helping black and brown children succeed and see their full potential.

She is the brand manager for Black Woman Be Whole, a wellness brand dedicated to supporting Black women on their journey to wholeness. The mission of her organization is to support women by sharing resources as well as offering workshops. The methodology of Black Woman Be Whole, focuses on healing through truth-telling. Additionally, her organization will be launching a podcast to expand engagement in sisterhood and unpack the journey of healing.

Ms. Farmer spoke with students about the struggles that we are all facing and the presence of obstacles, pressures, and failures throughout our lives. She offered these realities with a message of hope and inspiration.

“First, it’s important to accept that we are struggling, that we may have anxiety or depression, and that it is having an effect on us.  However, we must continue to find things to be grateful for each day and acknowledge the things that make us happy. Having friends, we can trust to check in and knowing that we can safely share our needs with them is an important part of supporting one another through challenges or anything else.”

To learn more about Ms. Farmer and this amazing organization follow them at the handles below.

  • IG: BlackWomanBeWhole
  • FB: BlackWomanBeWhole

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