Albany Leadership is grateful to CDPHP for awarding a donation of $1,000 that supported the purchase of 20 heart rate monitors. These monitors are used in the P.E. classes and specifically with the Sage Health and Wellness college class. CDPHP awards grants that support community health and wellness as well as disease awareness, education, and prevention which are all pillars of the NYS Physical Education course curriculum.

Mr. Shields, Albany Leadership’s Physical Education teacher is teaching students to use these monitors to track and analyze their workouts. With these monitors, students can improve their health, measure their workout efforts, and exercise safely. Students can discover which workouts are best for them by tracking their heart rate zones to find a cardiovascular routine to fit their individual lifestyles. With the additions of these monitors, Mr. Shields has diversified student’s ability to track their workouts through different activities, games, and exercise equipment.

Albany Leadership holds a mission to prepare our students for their futures and believes that maintaining a healthy lifestyle now can support them in living a long and healthy future!

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