ALCS 12th Annual Community Dinner

Albany Leadership makes it a priority each year to ensure families are able to enjoy the holiday season through the support of hot meals, meal to-go bags and additional financial and community resources

Our Tradition and Recent Adjustments 

Traditionally, ALCS would host this event at the school where students, staff, families and
community members could get to know each other while celebrating individuals who make a
difference in our local neighborhoods. While the past two years have been challenging, ALCS still made it a priority to host the annual event, just with a little to-go twist to maintain the safety protocols the school has been implementing since the start of the pandemic.

Carina Cook, CEO and School Principal said, “We host this event each year to show
appreciation to ALCS families and community members that continue to help the school grow and thrive into a community focused and supportive environment. Our school wants families and community members to feel welcome, and know that if they have a need during the holidays, we are here for them.”

Community Support


This year, ALCS prepared over 240 hot meals for the attendees which included: baked chicken, mac and cheese, corn, butternut squash soup, salad and pumpkin pudding.

The school also provided Halal options.

Along with the hot meals, there were 30 food to-go bags provided which included turkeys donated by RJ Valente Inc.

Some Highlights

Food Delivery

Ms. Mercado bringing food to one of the cars that were there to pick up their meals. We also had staff members who volunteered to deliver meals and to-go bags to capital region homes. 

Staff Volunteering

Ms. Cook, CEO and Principal of ALCS posing in front of our event backdrop with Ms. Hall, our 9th grade ELA teacher! Thank you for your commitment to our school and community!


Throughout the month of November, ALCS has been handing out “I am thankful for…” signs for staff and students to fill out. We were happy to receive more during the Community Dinner.

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