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Family Action Committee

The Family Action Committee (FAC) is yet another way in which Albany Leadership encourages parent involvement. The ALCS Family Action Committee keeps families informed and encourages parents to have a voice in the social, emotional and academic affairs of our students. The FAC works with school members to set an agenda to support its scholars. The Family Action Committee‘s goal is to work together for the success of our students, school, and community.


The ALCS Family Action Committee meets monthly and as needed to prepare for special events. It is open to all ALCS parents, teachers and staff. You need not attend all meetings to be considered a member. There is a suggested membership fee, but you can freely participate if it is a financial hardship.**

If you are interested in becoming a parent or family volunteer at Albany Leadership Charter School for Girls, please fill out and submit our Family Involvement form below. Thank you for taking the first step, and we appreciate your commitment to the young women we serve every day!

  • Please provide your personal information below.

Do you have any additional comments, questions, concerns, or ideas that you would like to share with the FAC advisor? If so, click here to share.

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