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Art classes in Studio art / Photo I/II offer students a project-based approach to learning about art and artist, and making art in the classroom with students engenders both insight and creativity. Students are given a visual problem and a set of media skills and concepts which they need to effectively plan, perform, and produce to demonstrate mastery. This is a hands on approach to learning that gives students the opportunity for sharing a completed and presentable product for public consumption or exhibition, including an annual Art fair.


The English classes are designed to be engaging, relevant, and challenging learning experiences, to empower students to set and reach their educational goals.  Critical reading, writing, speaking, and listening skills are integrated into weekly lessons. ALH teachers guide students in developing rich and diverse reading lives, encouraging and challenging them with complex texts to reach their own authentic interpretations, and substantiate their unique claims with evidence and reasoning.  Teachers encourage collaboration during lesson activities to nurture academic and social learning to promote engagement.

Reading and creative writing experiences provide the basis for communicating ideas, making connections between individuals, building compassion, and understanding universal themes.  The English Department faculty strives to encourage students to develop an appreciation for and an understanding of learning and literature and includes an annual Poetry café performance.


New York State requires that every student take one health class during students’ high school experience. The following includes some of the topics that will be covered in health class:

  • Physical, Mental and Sexual Health ⮚ Sociological Health Problems ⮚Environmental ⮚ Community Health and Safety

NOTE: The New York State Education Department Commissioner’s Regulations Section 135.3 (c) (2) (i) states that no pupil shall be required to receive instruction concerning the methods of prevention of A.I.D.S. if the parent or legal guardian of such pupil has filed a letter with the principal of the school which the student attends stating that the pupil will receive such instruction at home.


At ALH, students have greatly benefited from the spirit and lessons of athletic competition. Participation in, and eligibility for, these programs is determined first, by academic and behavioral standing. Once the student has satisfied these requirements, she must obtain medical clearance via a sports physical. Lastly, the student will try out for the team. The Athletic Department posts schedules for all athletic events, including tryouts, by sports season, throughout the school building.  The athletic programs offered at ALH include the following:

  • Volleyball
  • Basketball
  • Indoor Track and Field
  • Outdoor Track and Field
  • Softball

Students must maintain an acceptable academic and behavioral standing in order to remain eligible for athletic participation. Please refer to the ALH Student Athlete Code of excellent conduct for further details.


In High School Math students will learn the entire Common Core Algebra 1, Algebra 2, and Geometry appropriately aligned to meet state standards. The Common Core Algebra 1 Regents Examinations will be administered at the end of the first year and Algebra 2 courses at the end of the second year. At the end of third year, students will have completed the entire Common Core Algebra 1, Geometry, and Algebra 2 standards. These courses which include Math foundation have been organized to maximize learning and promote mastery.


The science offerings provide students the opportunity to think scientifically by offering a variety of classes that support current and future student interests. The educational objective of the High School science department is to educate our student population in a broad spectrum of scientific content and ensure they are aware of and prepared for the demands of the emerging fields of science and technology in the 21st century.

In each discipline, we try to impart our love of science by encouraging curiosity and science literacy through the various activities, labs, and experiences we provide to students, including an annual science fair.


Knowledge and understanding of Social Studies is at the heart of a civil society. Our primary goal is to empower students to enter our increasingly multi-cultural, diverse world as active, socially and cognitively confident and competent citizens. We believe that an understanding of the past is the most important means by which our students will comprehend the complex world they will someday lead.

As such, Social studies department offers a wide variety of courses, both in history and the social sciences, and incorporates opportunities to experience history and current events throughout our four-year program of study. An emphasis on critical thinking skills and the ability to communicate effectively, both orally and in writing, is crucial in each of our courses. It is our firm belief that an understanding of both the past and current events will help students to find both personal and public fulfillment as they prepare to be college and career ready.

Academic and Testing Policies

Regents examinations are state mandated in varied subjects in order for students to obtain a high school diploma.  Finals are cumulative examinations that cover the year’s coursework. Examinations are given for all courses. Students will either take a Regents examination, final examinations or complete a final project in or by mid-June.

All examinations are held in designated classrooms.  Students are expected to be at the examination site at least thirty minutes prior to the start of the examinations. Students are given 3 hours to complete an examination but may be excused after 2 hours if they have finished. A late student will not be allowed entry once the state designated time has passed for said examinations. As per NYS regulations, students who are late for an examination will not be given additional time to compensate for their lateness.

All students are required to take their examinations on the days designated on the examinations schedule.

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ALH Program of Studies 

All students have access to a wide variety of Academic and College Pathway Courses in the chart below:

9th Grade9th Honors
~35+ STAR PR
10th Grade10th Honors
~35+ STAR PR
11th Grade11th  Honors
~35+ STAR PR
12th Grade12th Honors
~35+ STAR PR
AVID® ThemeBuilding Organization Habits and Successful InteractionsOrganization, Refinement and SuccessLeadership as a Catalyst for Change in Society - Part ALeadership as a Catalyst for Change in Society - Part B
ELA I Honors
ELA II Honors

ELA III Honors/AP Language
SCCC Com./Literature
UHS Analytical Writing/ Shakespeare
SAT Reading & Writing ISAT Reading & Writing II
SAT Reading & Writing III
SAT Reading & Writing IV
MathAlgebra IAlgebra I HonorsAlgebra 2aAlgebra 2 HonorsAlgebra 2bGeometry HonorsGeometryHVCC Pre-calculus or HVCC calculus
ScienceLELE HonorsEarth ScienceEarth Science HonorsChemistry H or Environmental Studies LE/ESChemistry Honors
Social StudiesEconomics/ GovernmentEconomics Honors/ Government HonorsUS HistoryUS History HonorsWorld History IWorld History I Honors
Social Studies
World History IIWorld History II Honors
World LanguageSpanish I HonorsSpanish ISpanish II HonorsHVCC Spanish 100/101Spanish II & HVCC Spanish 100/101HVCC Spanish 200
EncoreAVID 9AVID 9 HonorsAVID 10AVID 10 HonorsAVID 11AVID 11 HonorsAVID 12AVID 12 Honors

College Pathways Course List

Albany Leadership Charter High School for Girls partners with SUNY Albany’s University in the High School (UHS) Program, Hudson Valley Community College (HVCC), and Schenectady Community College (SCC) to offer college courses to our girls in the college pathway of our scholars’ choices. Prior to graduation, ALH students can earn up to 48 college credits (16 classes) at little or no cost.

Business College
Pathway Courses

Potential careers in this pathway may include but aren’t limited to: Accounting, Advertising, Entrepreneurship/ Small Business, Financial Advising/ Consulting, Financial Analyst, Management, Marketing, and Sales

  • HVCC: Intro to Entrepreneurship
  • HVCC: Principals of Marketing
  • HVCC: Business Concepts and Applications
  • HVCC: Personal Finance
  • HVCC: Computer Concepts and Applications I
  • HVCC: Intro to Computing and Information Sciences
  • HVCC Small Business Management
  • HVCC Introduction to Advertising

Liberal Arts/Humanities College Pathway Courses

Potential careers in this pathway may include, but aren’t limited to: Art History, Communications, Education, English, History, Journalism, Law, Media, Political Science, and Psychology

  • Advanced Placement US History
  • Advanced Placement English Language and Composition
  • SUNY Albany UHS: Intro to Analytical Writing
  • SUNY Albany UHS: Reading Shakespeare
  • SUNY Albany UHS: – World in the 20th Century
  • SUNY Albany UHS: Classism, Sexism, Racism
  • SUNY Albany UHS: Intro to African/ African American History
  • SUNY Albany UHS: History of Women and Social Change
  • SUNY Albany UHS: Intro to Sociology
  • SCCC – College Composition
  • SCCC – Literature and Writing

STEAM College
Pathway Courses

Potential careers in this pathway may include, but aren’t limited to: Agriculture, Aerospace, Dentistry, Forensics, Medical Science, Nursing, Research, Veterinary Science, and Water/ Environmental Conservation

  • Advanced Placement Biology
  • HVCC: General Biology
  • SUNY Albany UHS: Intro to Psychology
  • SCCC: College Algebra
  • HVCC: Pre-Calculus
  • HVCC: Calculus
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