On Thursday, we celebrated and learned from each other and our amazing guest speakers at this year’s Women in Leadership Career Day. Every year, we celebrate Women’s History Month by inviting women from across the Capital Region to share their career and educational journeys with our students. This years’ virtual celebration provided an interactive experience for our students who are in-person and remote. Students were invited to dress in business attire as they listened, learned, and participated in the day’s discussions and activities. Our Annual Women in Leadership Career Day is our most prominent event this month and strengthens our mission of supporting equitable education for our girls. We believe in the value of having leaders from our local community share their experiences with students to encourage them to continue on the path of higher education attainment and high-demand careers.

At Thursdays’ event, we had over 20 guest speakers who came from such fields as Education Administration, Marketing, Non-Profit Leadership, Law, Engineering, Finance, Social Work, and Entrepreneurial Business. In addition, with all the different speakers, we were able to highlight the wide variety of businesses right here in the Capital Region. These speakers work at everything from small, entrepreneurial businesses to large, national organizations.

We are extremely thankful to all of our guest speakers who took the time to share their knowledge, wisdom, and words of encouragement with our students.

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