March 1, marks National Social Work Month and at Albany Leadership we are excited to celebrate our school social workers who are a part of this essential group of service individuals across the country. At Albany Leadership, our school social workers are responsible for the creation and development of our Social/ Emotional Learning Curriculum occurring on CLEAR Days, in-school counseling, our Meal-To-Go Program, Food Pantry, our partnership with the Liberty Partnership Program, and more!

Our school social workers are Karen Scanlon-Fish and Tara Smades. Ms. Scanlon-Fish while new to us this year, has jumped in to offer her support and dedication to all of our students.  Ms. Smades has been with ALH since 2015 and has remained fully dedicated to ALH students and families. They both give 100 percent of themselves to their work and our mission to ensure that all ALH students understand their value and feel supported across all aspects of their personhood.

Albany Leadership’s social workers uphold their national oath as well as our school mission. Holding the belief that everyone has the right and potential to lead a productive and fulfilling life, social workers believe in the importance of human relationships in civil society, and that each person has dignity and worth. School social workers prioritize this belief in their work and dedicate themselves to supporting youth as they grow and develop their esteem, dignity, and academic attainment.

Join us, as we thank our school social workers Karen Scanlon- Fish and Tara Smades for their dedication and efforts to support all the students of Albany Leadership.

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