Albany Leadership is excited to continue its tradition of offering college courses and credits to our students. For many years, we have prided ourselves on the notion that we can offer students the opportunity to participate in college-level courses. Supporting our students as they earn college credits in their final year of high school prepares them for the academic rigor of the collegiate atmosphere. There are many amazing colleges and universities within the Capital Region and we are honored to partner with, The State University of New York at Albany, The Sage Colleges, and Hudson Valley Community College. We are grateful to our collegiate partners and we look forward to their continued partnership.

Below you may find a list of the college courses Albany Leadership is offering during the current academic year. Our hope is to strengthen and expand our list of course offerings. Each college credit that our students earn before they leave high school provides them with experience, knowledge, and financial advantage. Our goal is to provide our students with every possible advantage for their success now and in their future.

Courses we currently offer are;

  • HVCC Business Communications
  • HVCC Entrepreneurship
  • HVCC Pre-Calculus
  • HVCC Spanish
  • Sage Fitness and Wellness
  • Sage Personal Finance
  • UHS Analytical Writing
  • UHS English Studies
  • UHS Psychology
  • UHS Sociology


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