Albany Leadership is grateful to be one of many dedicated organizations in the Capital Region that works to provide young people with the essential needs for future success. Albany Leadership is a uniform-based school with members of the greater community recognizing the unique and professional purple blouse. Albany Leadership administrators believe that no child should feel discouraged by their clothes. As a result, a uniform donation drive is held at the end of each academic year, allowing students to donate their former uniform as they progress to the next grade. 

Prior to the pandemic, economically disadvantaged families of students at Albany Leadership struggled to provide a uniform for their child each year. Amid the pandemic, it became recognizable that Albany Leadership administrators needed to expand their support to these. Past donation drives helped to support some of these families in providing a uniform for their child, and now with a donation from Stewart’s Shops, Albany Leadership has received a $1,000 dollar donation to expand the program. This expansion improves the school’s ability to support more families in need. It is a belief at Albany Leadership that girls can focus better when they feel supported instead of singled out for how they look. The Albany Leadership staff is passionate about ensuring that all its students feel supported so they can continue to strive academically.

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