The Albany Leadership Track team has displayed tremendous pride, support, and sisterhood in the face of tragedy and adversity this season. Through every practice and meet these ladies have grown in technical, leadership, and communication skills. They encourage one another as well as other teams, driving everyone to strive to compete at their highest level. By supporting each other and the competing teams, they define sisterhood and maturity in their drive to not only accomplish their goals but to exceed them.

Each member of the team embodies the Albany Leadership Core Values in every sprint, run, jump, and throw. Within their last few track meets of the season, they have not only broken previous school records but have also broken their own records. Sky Whitfield (Grade 12) broke the school record in shot put. While Kimora Wiggins (Grade 10) broke the school record in the 100-meter dash. Cyiona Townsend (Grade 11) broke the school record in 100-meter hurdles. While Raycelle Nicholson (Grade 11) and Kimora broke the school record for the 200-meter dash. Lastly, Rebecca Akinwale (Grade 12) broke the school record in discus not once, but on three occasions. 

The Albany Leadership track coaches have also worked to provide support and encouragement to their team through a challenging season. The Albany Leadership Track and Field Team lost Chyna, a member of their team very early in the season, and through this tragedy have grown stronger in their support of each other and the pursuit for athletic excellence.

This team has grown a lot throughout this season. We have instilled hard work and commitment to the team as values that we hold all student-athletes to. I am proud of them for overcoming adversity through this very challenging season. Our girls have not only progressed as student-athletes but as young adults as well.” Coach Bartlett and Coach Dolan

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