Albany Leadership Values Our Students’ Attendance and Unpacks the Ways We Offer Support

The COVID-19 pandemic continues to be undeniably stressful.  The impact of the global pandemic on student learning and attendance is also an undeniable struggle. However, Albany Leadership teachers and staff members are dedicated to making sure that our students maintain academic excellence in the face of these unprecedented adversities.  At Albany Leadership, we are dedicated to unpacking the value of student attendance to ensure that all of our students obtain the skills they need to be academically, personally, and professionally successful in their futures.

Why Attendance Matters

Research has shown that being absent from classes, online or in-person, can have a negative impact on the future economic and personal success of students in all socio-economic or racial backgrounds. Measuring attendance is also a requirement for schools as an accountability measure under the ESEA (Elementary and Secondary Education Act). Monitoring and measuring attendance serves other purposes as well. Monitoring daily attendance serves as a wellness check for students and enables teachers and other educational staff to assess student engagement and to identify students who need additional support. At Albany Leadership attendance and engagement in classes are structured in two ways; synchronous and asynchronous learning.

What does it mean?

  Synchronous Asynchronous
What is it? Delivered in real-time with students Students work independently at a time designated towards a common deadline
What does it look like? Live instruction through a video conference platform (Google meet/ Blue Button/ Schoology Conferences/ Nearpod) Prerecorded lessons or instructions for independent work to be submitted
How does it help? Strengthens relationships and communication to enhance student learning and participation Allows students to engage with course materials at a pace that is appropriate for their skill level

Unpacking the Value

Albany Leadership works to support all of our students, through these challenging times and we are dedicated to making sure that all of our students are engaged, learning, and gaining the skills needed for future success. This dedication can only be accomplished through partnership. We must partner with each student and their parents for us all to reach this goal.

Written by, Amanda Williams

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