Excitement builds as the Albany Leadership JV and Varsity Volleyball teams continue to strive for success, sisterhood, and major serves on the court. After a prolonged postponement due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the NYSHSAA provided guidance for a safe return to high school sports this spring, which has allowed the ALH Volleyball Teams to develop, train, and play!

In the first game, the ALH Junior Varsity team served major wins against Taconic Hills. As the Varsity team served major competition. From the games, JV and Varsity coaches would like to highlight, Jasmin E., Shariya P., Miranda O., and Sonnet G. for their sportsmanship, hustle, and strategic thinking during the critical moments of a set.

While the pandemic has caused some restrictions regarding in-person spectators this season, as a precaution for players, families, and coaches, ALH Athletic Director, Dennis Shields, has developed a Livestream link so that supporters and families can view the games from home. During the last game, there were over 250 views of the live stream, which made the team feel very supported. Dennis Shields stated that he is very proud of the efforts put forth to make this season a continued success.

“With very academically strong players, our girls have continued to work hard to make this season happen and to make it a success. It is very evident in the gym that our girls have put their hearts into each game. I am very thankful for our girls, and for the coaches who have made the adjustments necessary for a safe season. With the new Livestream option, I think we have ushered in a new era in ALH Athletics” – Dennis Shields ALH Athletic Director

To catch the game, be sure to check out the ALH Facebook page on Tuesdays and Thursdays for the posting. Feel free to share your love and support for the ALH Volleyball team with likes and comments.

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