Reopening Mandatory Requirements

General Health and Safety Assurances


  • ALH is considering multiple in-person models that assure social distancing.
  • ALH will continue to review guidance by NYSED, NYSDOH, CDC and other regulatory agencies and ensure compliance with re-opening regulations.
  • Frequent disinfection of common touched spaces will occur daily to reduce the spread of infection.
  • The various sections of this plan detail how health, safety, and cleaning will be maintained throughout the school day.

Fire Code Compliance

ALH is using New York States schools’ reopening social distancing guidance of 6 feet between students to determine the maximum occupancy per room with the restrictions. The education plan that ALH will implement will be built around the restricted occupancy count to ensure the school is in compliance with Albany County Fire and Safety Code.


ALH will ensure all main stairwell, hallway, and corridor doors are kept open and connected to the magnetic hold throughout the entire day. Staff will be directed to open any door that has been closed. To ensure the health and safety of ALH staff, nanoseptic sanitation stickers will be placed on the door handles, and push bars. These stickers will be replaced every two months or when determined by the safety team.

Emergency Drills

  • See “Safety Drills” for the management and operation of emergency drills.


All inspections will be conducted as normal, except guests will have to pass to health screening before allowed to enter the school. Masks will be required throughout the entire inspection. If in the case a visitor does not pass the health screening, the School Business Administrator will contact the office of who is conducting the inspection and inform them of the situation. ALH will work with the company to complete the inspection as soon as possible. 

Lead Testing due in 2020

ALH will have all drinking water supplies tested by August 5th, to try to ensure results are back before school opens. This will depend on local lead testing facilities’ availability and supplies to collect samples. Once the results are returned, they will be held in the Business Office and submitted to all appropriate agencies. If any water sources fail the lead test, two retests will be conducted first on the source to test for false negative. If the source still fails after the two additional tests, immediate and appropriate measures will be taken to address the issue. A new test will then be taken to ensure the source passes.

Considerations for Reopening Plans

Means to Control Infection

These are arrangements that will be considered to reduce transmission of infection:

  • Time Management: ALH is currently planning to implement a hybrid educational model that provide in-person education at reduced student populations. Reducing the number of students in the building will reduce use of corridors and ensure social distancing.
  • Leave Doors Open: To reduce the spread of the virus from touching door levers and knobs, ALH will evaluate doors that can have door handles left in the open position. Doors that will be evaluated are doors that are not fire rated and do not have door closers.  To ensure safety, ALH is purchasing Nanoseptic self-cleaning products that can be applied to door handles so that doors can be closed and locked while not increasing the spread of infection.
  • Plastic Separators: The use of light-transmitting plastics will be placed in high traffic areas: Main Office, Kitchen, Small Offices.  The use of light-transmitting plastics will not take the place of social distancing or wearing of face coverings.
  • Alcohol-based Hand Rub Dispensers: ALH is currently securing hand sanitizing stations, which will contain alcohol-based hand sanitizer, for each classroom and common areas (hallways, Union, Main Office). Individual bottles of hand sanitizer will be provided in spaces where hand sanitizing stations are not placed (i.e. staff offices).  Individuals entering the building will be required to sanitize their hands at time of entry.  ALH has multiple sinks for hand washing throughout the building and on each floor.
  • Dividers at doors and other points of congregation: ALH will evaluate the need to place dividers at entry points. ALH will be restricting access during arrival to ensure social distancing is maintained during arrival.  ALH is able to maintain social distancing at our Main Entrance.  ALH has the ability to dismiss students through multiple exits to maintain social distancing at dismissal.  Should ALH need to place dividers we will consult our architect and submit floor plans to OFP for approval. ALH will have dividers improved by the OFP.


Required Square Footage

ALH is using 20-36 Square Feet to determine the maximum number of students allowed in the classrooms.

Facility Alterations and Acquisition

ALH is able to safely socially distance occupants without physically altering spaces (i.e. removing walls, constructing permanent barriers) or acquiring additional space. 

Changes to Space Utilization and/or Alterations

At this time ALH does not anticipate making changes to the physical space.

Space Expansion

At this time ALH does not anticipate expanding the physical space.

Tents for Additional Space

At this time ALh doesn’t plan to use any tents outside the school building for additional space. If the need for additional space arrises ALH will follow the appropriate building and fire code requirements to ensure the safety of the students and staff.

Plumbing Facilities and Fixtures

Toilets: The current NYS 2020 minimum ratio of toilets to per person in an educational institution is 1:50. ALH will be able to close every other bathroom stall in student bathrooms ensure social distancing and to reduce the amount of cleaning needed.

Sinks: All sinks will be left open to allow students and staff to wash their hands as needed. Students and staff will be required to wear their masks and as best as possible practice social distance when having to wash their hands in the multi-person bathrooms and must wear face masks.

Drinking Fountains: Each drinking fountain station will be reduced from 2 to 1 still meeting the NYS required ratio of fountain to person of 1:100. In addition, paper cups will be put at each drinking fountain to allow students to fill the cups with water.


ALH has Roof Top Units for heating and cooling the building. The units are being upgraded from Merv 7 air filters to Merv 13 filters. In addition to the increase in filtration the filter will be replaced quarterly instead of semi-annual.

New Technology

ALH is exploring more effective and efficient ways to clean the facility after hours. The school is looking into new technology to improve cleaning and disinfectant throughout the building and an efficient process. ALH is looking at UV lamp fixtures that are placed in each classroom for up to 30 minutes to fully disinfect the room. In addition, the school is also exploring the use of disinfectant fog machines. Both options need to be explored more in depth to determine the benefits and potential risks for using the device and for individuals occupying space after disinfecting.

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