The Albany Leadership Interval Exams are from January 25- January 29. Please contact the main office at 518-694-5300, if you have any questions about the exams your daughter is scheduled to take.

  • All exams will be administered remotely (at home)
  • Students with accommodations may take exams at school with permission – Please contact Dr. Jennie Evans
  • Exams may be opened in Schoology starting at ​8:00 a.m.​ on the scheduled day.
  • Students will have up to two total hours to complete an interval exam, ​with exception of Art/Photography (information posted in Schoology)
  • Exams must be completed before ​11:59 p.m.​ of the listed day.
  • Exams in progress after 11:59 p.m. will be automatically closed and no additional time will be granted.
  • Teachers will be available for support and/or answer questions about exams during the times listed in the table below for the exams indicated in the same row.
  • Teachers will inform students and review the above policies and procedures with students prior to the exams.

Please reach out directly to your teachers with any exam-specific questions.

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