Meet the Staff Series: Introducing Mrs. Hossain- Haider

Last year, Albany Leadership began a Meet the Staff series that we shared through our social media platforms. The series has returned, as we introduce our newest staff member and ALH Alum, Khalida Hossain. Mrs. Hossain-Haider was asked about the colleges she attended and what motivated her during her collegiate years. We were honored to hear about her college experiences and share her insights with our students and families.

Name: Khalida Hossain- Haider

Hometown: Albany, NY


  • Hudson Valley Community College
  • The State University of New York at Albany


  • Associates in Architecture
  • B.A. in Art and Film Studies

Question: What was the deciding factor for where you attended school for your bachelor’s degree?

Hossain-Haider:  After I received my Associates in Architecture, I was deciding between attending the University at Buffalo or U-Albany. After speaking with my parents and choosing to be closer to home, I decided to attend U-Albany.

Question: What was one thing you loved about your bachelors’ program?

Hossain- Haider: Something I loved about my bachelors’ program was the fact that there was a sense of freedom and a structure that pushed you to find yourself and your message through your art medium. The professors in the program were very understanding and it gave me the space I needed to develop my craft and set my own pace.

Question: What was a challenge for you during your bachelor’s degree years and how did you overcome that challenge?

Hossain-Haider: My greatest challenge was getting myself to go to class and to attend my lectures. I overcame this challenge by working to stay internally motivated to earn my degree. I remained focused on the idea that knowledge is power, and that I held the power to make a future for myself.

Question: What kept you motivated during your bachelor’s degree program?

Hossain-Haider: I stayed motivated with the support and influence of my older sister. She overcame several challenges to earn her degree and continued to push me to earn my own. She is my role model and helped me to maintain hope.

Question: What advice would you give to ALH students about the college experience?

Hossain-Haider:  My advice would be, to avoid procrastination. Procrastination is your worst enemy and it negatively affects your grades and your health. I would also advise our students to communicate regularly with their professors to establish a professional connection with them. Establishing these connections early can have a positive impact on their future job and career opportunities. Lastly, I would advise eating. Eating healthy meals helps you. We cannot live on coffee alone!

Question: What do you love working in education?

Hossain-Haider: I love working in education because it makes the world a better place. Without teachers, knowledge would not spread, and that wisdom humbles us to under different perspectives. Education gives a reason, it grants us a sense of purpose. It helps to encourage an individual to look forward to their aspirations and lifelong goals. Without determination, a dream, and knowledge the world would not be the same.


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