The registration form for you to select your learning choice model for Period of Progress (PoP) 2 is now open!

Every PoP, you will need to register your daughter for the learning choice model that fits your family and allows your daughter to continue to achieve academic success through this global health pandemic. All ALH families must register their learning choice by Thursday, October 1.

Below you may find a refresher on each of the learning choice models offered at ALH this year.

Hybrid: In-person learning on two consistent days per week, in-person learning every other Wednesday, with synchronous remote learning for out-of-school days.

Fully Remote: Synchronous remote learning or asynchronous remote learning for certain designated classes. The Fully Remote Learning Model will allow students to follow their full schedule in real-time at home along with their in-person classmates. Albany Leadership has purchased Smart Boards and View Path cameras and streaming systems for all classrooms.

Daily In-Person Learning*: In-person attendance and learning daily, working with assigned co-teachers for ENL and students with accommodations.


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