Thank you CapCom!

CapCom’s generous donations to Albany Leadership has aided in our girls’ success and academic growth. We thank you for your continued support for our school and community.


Paige Rueckert, Community Impact Manager at CapCom came in to ALCS and toured our Middle & High School buildings to check out the impact CapCom has made on our school and students!

Food Pantry Donation: Albany Leadership offers break-bags throughout the year to any student and family in need. Bags typically include items to make full meals including, fresh produce, canned goods and specialty items. Our Food Pantry is also available for use outside of break-bags when students and families are in need.


6th Grade Chromebooks: Our new 6th grade classes were able to obtain Chromebooks for students due to the generous donation from CapCom. Our students use their personal Chromebook each day for their lessons and to stay on top of their progress and work throughout the year.

7th Grade Smart Boards: For the 2022-2023 school year, our 6th graders will transition smoothly since ALCS was able to purchase two new smartboards for our new 7th grade class beginning in the Fall! Smartboards keep the students engaged throughout the year during their lesson plans.


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