Now more than ever, we have been called to do our part and support our local communities. At Albany Leadership we are working on the frontlines as we work to prepare the next generation of leaders through college-preparatory education. We believe that higher education should not only be attainable for our girls but equitable. Higher education should provide opportunities for future success and at Albany Leadership we work to ensure that each of our girls knows that we stand behind them in pursuit of their educational attainment.

In order for us to continue to stand on these front lines, we need your help to continue to provide equitable education. Albany Leadership will do this through opportunities and updated technology. Through these initiatives, we can eliminate false stereotypes by encouraging and educating our girls in STEM courses. We will also provide our girls with professional experiences through our work-based learning program to give them opportunities to grow professionally in our community. These are just a couple of examples of how Albany Leadership provides equitable education.

If you too believe and support equitable education for our girls then donate today. Every dollar counts and donations made before December 31 are tax-deductible for you.

Donate here: Give Now to Albany Leadership High

If you are unable to donate please, share our story.

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