Albany Leadership holds a mission to prepare young women to graduate from high school with the academic and leadership skills necessary to succeed in the college and the career of their choosing. Within this mission, we have begun to offer select 12th-grade students work-based learning experiences in correlation with their career aspirations. This intentional focus on experiential learning for our students allows them to gain a deeper understanding of the world of work and the content behind their career of interest.

Work-based learning experiences provide students with direct contact with the world of work in a professional career setting. They learn about resume building and develop interview skills. They also learn communication techniques and gain direct knowledge of new technologies through training and applied use.  Through this program, Albany Leadership has worked with many community partners that are dedicated to supporting the next generation of career professionals and are conscious of student learning and development. This year, we have partnered with Chief Coach and Founder of Mission Accomplished, Carmen Duncan. Our students will be working with the Social Entrepreneurship Institute. Our students will have the opportunity to apply economic concepts to business, communications, and marketing strategies all through the lens of social justice, all of which are necessary skills and concepts in our community.

Our work-based learning program is run by ALH educator, Mr. Hines who experienced the positive impact of internship opportunities in his youth and is excited to share his knowledge and lived experience with our students.

“I have been so happy with the fact that no matter what, our students understand the value of it [work-based learning] and that they learn things for their personal and professional lives. Although I have never been a student during a pandemic, I think that being at an internship/work-based learning experience isn’t something you can turn down. We [society] have shifted into a time where remote learning and remote work is a thing of the present and will be a thing of the future. For our students, being in the work-based learning experience will help them stay focused and gain the necessary skills for their futures.” Mr. Hines


Written by Amanda Williams

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