Albany Leadership Takes on Distance Learning

by Jun 1, 2020News0 comments

A good educator is someone who has the ability to impact the lives of students inside and outside of the classroom.  Since March 2020, schools across the nation have had the difficult task of transitioning their classrooms and curriculum all to the computer.  To some this may sound beneficial, especially in a world where our youth have more experience with technology then most adults do. However, getting our students to fully engage in distance learning has been a unique challenge that our staff was willing to accept with great courage.

ALH staff has used innovative tactics to capture the girl’s attention and excitement. Tic Tok videos have swept the world, so it only made sense that our teachers also give it a try through education of course.  Also, with the help of Youtube, we have been able to highlight important messages and fun celebrations that students have gravitated towards while we all have been social distancing. Social media has created an outlet for our school to showcase our talented students, staff, and administration alike through this time.  With the help of our daily posts we have connected with the community and families in order to allow all of us to feel closer from the inside of our own homes. 

We commend our community for all the dedication and strength that they continue to display during this time.  Our students and families have always been our top priority and our new approaches to distance learning has shown just that.   

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